Electrical analysis

Insulation resistance test

Application: High-end models in the SM series, measuring range up to 2x10 ^ 16Ω (1000V). The test voltage covers low voltage and high voltage, which can correspond to a full range of insulation analysis.
Model: HIOKI SM-8220

CTI Comparative Tracking Index

Application: Under the effect of moisture and impurities, the electrical products may be charged between parts with different polarities, live parts and grounded metal. The generated arc causes a short-circuit to the electrical appliance or the material is electrically damaged by the discharge, or even caused by ignition fire. The tracking test is a destructive test on the insulation material for the above situation to measure the solid electrical. Its use for measure the relative electrical tracking resistance of solid electrical insulation materials when the surface is exposed to water containing impurities under the action of an electric field.
Model: ZLT-LDQ

Dielectric strength tester

Application: Test the dielectric strength and withstand voltage properties of the material under AC voltage or DC voltage.
Model: Center testing international, HCDJC-100KV

Arc resistance tester

Application: Testing uses 12.5kV high voltage arc to detect changes in the surface of the material.
Model: Center testing international, HCDH-4

Dielectric analyzer

Application: Dielectric constant, Tanδ of test materials at different voltages (100V ~ 5000V), different temperatures
Model: Center testing international, QS37A

Electrical of volume and surface resistivity tester (megohmmeter)

Application: The surface resistance of the test material at different temperatures under different DC voltages (10V, 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V), Volume resistance.
Model: Center testing international, HEST-300