Modified Silicone

Moisture curing modified silicone (Made of Polyether resin) is the new elastomeric adhesive. It is one of high performance-price ratio adhesive in fast curing adhesive.

Moisture curing modified silicone has the following feature:

l   Solvent-free formula

l   Pressure sensitive when bonding

l   High flexibility after curing

l   Wide range of adhesive materials (plastic, metal, glass, etc.)

l   Excellent environmental durability

l   Excellent mechanical properties

l   Excellent lower temperature property

The traditional PU (Poly Ureathane) products, it will release the toxic Isocyanate during using. The Moisture curing modified silicone only releases alcohol during the hardening process, it is more safely.

In addition, the traditional RTV-1 silicone rubber has the following disadvantages, it is inconvenient for some users.

l   It has pollution because the internal unreacted small molecules will slowly spread to the outside of the rubber. In the civil application, it will cause the stained on the building; Poor contact in electronic applications, the transparent substrate will cause pollution and affects the transmittance on the enclosed space.

l   It will release stench when haring(Such as deacidification and deoxime.)

    The adhesion is lower, mostly used for sealing.

Moisture curing modified silicone only releases alcohol during the hardening process. There is no pollution and odor of the traditional RTV-1 silicone; Moisture curing modified silicone have Polyether structure, it better than traditional RTV-1.

Moisture curing modified silicone has the convenience of curing in normal temperature so various types of industries have widely used. Everwide has successful applications in optical sensor, loudspeakers, fiber optic connectors, and cable reinforcement industries. Everwide Chemical committed to promoting the application of the 6C industry product bonding, casting, sealing and reinforcement. Everwide focus on develop moisture curing modified silicone, so the develop recipe, process technology, product packaging, etc., invest a lot of resources to carry out this promising and multi-application market.