Everwide Chemical is committed to develop the epoxy resin adhesive. Because of our products stable, reliable, and customizable so can meet the different applications. It became a specifies material for bicycle manufacturers. Epoxy resin has excellent bonding with mental and carbon fiber composites. After cured (1) High shear Strength (2) High peel strength (3) High shock resistance (4) High fatigue resistance

(5) High weather resistance, etc. There have so many advantages for the bicycle industry can widely use.

Everwide Chemical develop a series of adhesive for the bicycle industry. Bonding with various parts of the frame (One or two component adhesive) putty (One or two component putty) or others parts application. We have suitable products for these bicycle parts, for example: Seat post reinforce, Handlebar Gluing, etc. They can through the diffident environment test, Such Temperature environmental test for a long time, Thermal shock test, Thermal cycling, Fork impact test, Frame fatigue resistance test, Salt spray test, etc. Through these tests to have the highest reliable.

Everwide have many analytical equipments, it can analysis the adhesive, get the correct information for the customers reference. In addition, we pass ISO quality system and environmental safety system certification. Coordination with external auditors in regular. Improve the effectiveness of the system continually.

So that customers have confident with Everwide Chemical products.