Electric Motor

In recent years, environmental issues have more attention in society. Traditional vehicles are use gasoline to operate engine. The sound is loud and exhaust fumes, it causing noise and air pollution. Now, the electric vehicles replaced by battery to drive motor; it can improve the above disadvantages. Because of environmental protection policies, many global automobile manufacturers have developed electric vehicle products. Everwide catch up with this trend, cooperated with the famous motor manufacturer. Everwide continuous testing and adjustment for 3 years to developed the stator (coil) casting adhesive and rotor (magnet) adhesive for electric car motor.

Electric car motor temperature will exceed 150c even 180c in high speed operation. Common motor casting products the motor performance will be affected by the mechanical and electrical properties of the adhesive decrease, even will make the defects (such as cracks in the adhesive) even the motor may be short-circuited or burned at this temperature. It will cause unable to pass the life test. Organic materials the biggest challenge is temperature. But Everwide passed the strict test, such as thermal shock test (-40c ~ 150c) over 100 cycle. Long-term 180c heating in the air or infusion oil situation, still no cracking of adhesive, the motor has good electrical properties and the shear strength is not reduced. Because of the excellent material properties, it passed more than 70,000 kilometers real vehicle running test.

Everwide through selection, testing and experiment analysis the material features to solve the customer's problems and provide the most suitable products to customers