Micro Speaker

With the advent of technology, the sound transduction play an important role in our life. Modern people are more concerned about the tone quality. Now, Mobile phones combined with notebooks, audio electronics, headphones, etc. to make the audio effects better. Although modern technology products tend to light, thin, short, small and easy to carry, the internal component still needs to keep high efficiency. Micro speaker also must keep high tone quality, high sound pressure, high sensitivity, low voltage drives, small structure, high bandwidth, low distortion, low cost, etc. in a limited space.

The edge glue needs to be flexible, outstanding bonds, also need to meet customer requirements and does not affect the sound quality. Finally, this product has succeeded after many years’ development. Everwide Chemical products served in the center glue, edge glue, PPA & magnetic cylinder glue, dome glue, solder joint protection glue, lead adhesive and peripheral applications.

Adhesion tension of various materials

Meet customer requirements of Oscillating frequency

Drop test

Temperature tolerance

Adding fluorescent agent and color for detection & identification to convenient process control.

This product has thixotropy. It won’t squeeze out after dispensing.

LED light at a 405 nm wavelength

Customization for customer convenience