Support for the Taiwan film - Book a whole theater (teacher, will you come back)


After graduating from the Normal University, Wang Zhengzhong distributed it to Shuangwen Guozhong as a trainee teacher. After witnessing the learning atmosphere, teaching environment and resources of Shuangwen Guozhong, he desperately wanted to transfer to the city, so he tried various teaching methods and led Shuangwen Guozhong.National Music ClubParticipate in competitions to add points to their performance.

In the early morning of September 1999, 9,Taiwan main islandoccur921 earthquakeAt the timeArmy Golden Gate Defense CommandWang Zhengzhong, who was in military service, returned to Zhongliao Township and saw the sight of devastation. Shuang Wenguo middle school students cried and asked him, "Teacher, will you come back?" Stay in Shuangwen State to create a better local education environment, and at the same time lead Shuangwen State School teachers and students to move forward together.