Product Launch
100% UV pressure sensitive adhesive with high temperature resistance and high initial viscosity
Advanced Product Announcement
High Thermal Resisted and High Tacky 100% Solid-contained UV-curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (UV-PSA)
Author: WU, Chia-Shing PhD

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) is an adhesive which forms a bond when pressure is applied to bond the adhesive with a surface. The bonding strength is mainly affected by the pressure. PSA is used widely in the automotive industry, panel industry, medical field, and livelihood applications. UV curing pressure sensitive adhesive has a lot of advantages. (1) low working temperatures, especially when using UV LED curing system, the heat sensitive substrates will not be destoryed. (2) Reduce emission of VOCs (3) Enchanced shear strength at high temperature (4) High optical resolution (5) High chemical resistance, moisture resistance, and high temperature resistance. (6) Increase and improve production effectiveness. Consequently, we successfully developed the 100% solid-contained UV curing pressure sensitive adhesive (No. GC152-1, Everwide Chemical Co), which shows high temperature resistance and high tack. GC152-1 is applied to the adhesive tapes, and it is applied for many fields by various thickness. GC152-1 exhibits high tack, good ductility, environmentally-friendly property, and it also maintain its adhesion at high temperature (70 ~ 110 oC) to replace traditional solvent-based PSA. GC152-1 has excellent adhesion strength for plastics, metals and glass (Table 1). Figure 1 is the adhesive curing on the PET substrate and bonding with SUS substrate then testing at 110 oC high temperature. The holding time at 110 oC of this adhesive is showed up to 48 ~ 72 hr. The shear strength is 3.2 kgf/cm2 and 180o peel strength is 11.2-12.0 N/cm, respectively. (Figures 2 and 3). The main feature of this adhesive is the 90 degree peel time up to 3 days at 70 oC high temperature (Figures 4). We continue developing new products, which can be used for PSA in special applications. Please keep following our advanced product and welcome to contact us.