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High temperature resistant

Topic: High temperature resistant modified silicone adhesive

Publish date: 2020/02/27  Author: Yu-Hsiang, Cheng


Customers always ask about what's the maximum temperature-resistant range of FS series. It is generally recommended that short-term applications below 120 ° C can be tolerated, but long-term applications at 120 ~ 150 ° C are not recommended. However, recently we have improved the formula so that the FS series can have higher temperature resistance, such as FS197. Figure 1 is a comparison of the shear strength of the conventional product FS115 and the improved product FS197 within three months at 120 ° C. The shear strength of FS115 declines significantly after one month, while FS197 still maintain a certain shear strength. Figure 2 shows the shear strength of FS197 aluminum sheet within three months at 150 ° C. Obviously it retains good shear strength after three months. This test result is a breakthrough in the FS series.


However, it should be noted that the current design is only suitable for bonding. If this product is used for sealing, it may exhibit exposing and cracking phenomena. Figure 3 shows the adhesive at room temperature and placed the adhesive at 150 ° C for one and a half months. It can be clearly seen that the adhesive is seriously aging and carbonization. Figure 4 is the tensile test of the FS197 aluminum test piece after curing at 150 ° C. The surface of the adhesion aging has less effect, but the excess glue of the test piece is obviously aging. Therefore, FS197 is currently only suitable for high-temperature adhesive, and we would also develop sealing adhesive that can withstand high temperature for a long time, so please stay tuned.

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