Everwide Newsletter
Everwide Newsletter No.329

Experimental Report § UV pressure sensitive adhesive with high temperature resistance and high initial viscosity

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) is an adhesive that is sensitive to pressure. It can be adhered to the surface of the substrate in a short time, and then the strength has a direct effect on the pressure applied to the surface of the substrate. Recently we have developed GC152-1, a 100% solid content UV pressure sensitive adhesive. This adhesive material can be used for tape production and can be used in a variety of fields according to its thickness. It has high temperature resistance, high initial viscosity and ductility. The product still maintains adhesion in a high temperature environment of 70℃~110℃, and has excellent adhesion strength to plastic, metal, glass... and other substrates (Figure 1). Figure 2 shows that the adhesive material is coated on PET and then pasted to the steel plate. The cohesion lasting time at a high temperature of 110 ℃ can reach 48 to 72 hours. The shear strength and 180∘angle peel strength are 3.2 kgf/cm2 and 11.2-12.0 N/cm, respectively (Figures 3 and 4). The characteristic of the product is that it lasts up to 3 days when peeled at a high temperature of 70℃ and 90∘ angle (Figure 5). At present, we continue to develop PSA for special applications. Please pay attention to our new product announcements. Welcome to inquire and advise. For more information Please click the link.
─ Author: Dr. Wu Jiaxing About Everwide § A fruitful July

The Yunke Chemicals students who have completed their internships in the first half of the year sent orchids and thank you cards to thank the seniors for their enthusiastic teaching, which has benefited them a lot. Colleagues really feel resigned (Figure 1). A new batch of energetic interns are welcome to register and start their workplace experience (Figure 2). The internal audit of IATF16949 has been completed, and we will start to discuss and implement improvements, hoping that the details can be made more detailed (Figure 3). In order to maintain a pleasing environment, the partners worked together to organize the bougainvillea on the fenced wall (Figure 4). Although we are not stopping every day, is it valuable to create hope from small things?

Knowledge Exchange § What is UV moisture dual curing resin?

Acrylic-based light-curing resin undergoes free radical polymerization when exposed to light to achieve the purpose of curing. Many applications have shadows on corners and corners, and there is a doubt that the light cannot be illuminated, and the resin cannot be polymerized. Unreacted light-hardening resin may produce volatiles, which may infiltrate the plastic components and cause cracks, and may also affect the electrical properties of parts... and cause application restrictions. In addition to the acrylic group, the structure of UV moisture dual curing resin also has a functional group called isocyanate, which can react with moisture in the air to form urethane and harden. In other words, it can be cured quickly under the irradiation of light, and the unexposed area is cured by moisture in the air after 3-5 days, which expands the application field of light-curing resin.

Bi-weekly strike § Trip to Poland

During his PhD, Zeng spent almost two weeks in Poland for participating in the seminar. Poland has a wealth of historical and cultural, scenic assets, and the advantages of developed transportation. The locals are friendly and the security is good, and the prices are similar to those in Taiwan, so it is suitable for self-guided travel. Poland is a hub connecting Eastern and Western Europe and has been ravaged by wars in history. The capital Warsaw was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War, but they are united and determined, relying on photos, paintings and residents' memories... to rebuild the old city brick by brick, recreating the flourishing style of the 17th and 8th centuries. There are so many beautiful sights in Poland, and Chopin Park is one of them. At the entrance, there is a five-meter-high statue of Chopin standing to welcome the guests. The garden is full of greenery, breeze is slow, and melodious movements are heard from time to time. The leisurely atmosphere fills the air, making people feel relaxed. Gdansk is the most important seaport here, connecting the neighboring towns of Sopot and Gdynia. These three cities have different riverside scenery and beach styles. What impressed me during the journey was that on the streets of Sopot, there was a very conspicuous building "Haha House". Its appearance was distorted as if it came out of a haha ​​mirror. It was quite strange and beautiful. Speaking of which, the urge to visit this place again came to my heart, and I highly recommend it to you!
─ Author: Dr. Liao Ling