Everwide Newsletter
Everwide Newsletter No.328

Experiment Report § What you can’t see-Track Adhesive

At present, there are several types of sports tracks, red brick powder, synthetic rubber and PU tracks (Figure 1). Take the PU track as an example. The main component of the adhesive contains MDI (xylene methane diisocyanate) or TDI (toluene diisocyanate). Other components may be irritating or toxic, which will cause harm to construction and the environment. Recently, our company has developed a special adhesive for track paving. Although it contains MDI or TDI like the adhesives on the market, oligomers are used in order to reduce toxicity. In addition, the adhesives on the market will improve the operability by adding solvents. This product uses low volatility and low irritation ingredients to reduce the harm caused by solvents. In addition, we use the RCI drying time recorder to test, and the drying time can be less than 8 hours (Figure 2, 3), and use the universal testing machine and the adhesive on the market to do the adhesion test. This product can make the base Larger material breakage occurs in the material (Figure 4, 5). Welcome to contact us if you are interested.
─ Author: Mr. Zou Yirong
About Everwide § Visit to Douliu Middle School

In order to expand the social vision of students, Douliu Middle School cooperated with us to organize "practice" and "experience" activities for the first time. In addition to understanding product applications, the content also shares simple chemical principles and practical activities of glue materials. The students said: "I have benefited a lot. It turns out that resin is everywhere in life." I hope that in the future we will still do our best to give back!

Knowledge Exchange § Why the longer the dealcoholized silicone rubber is left, the worse its reactivity?

Moisture-hardening Silicone will react with moisture in the air to release small molecular volatiles, and then undergo a hardening reaction. Different types of Silicone release different small molecules, such as methyl ethyl ketoxime, acetic acid, acetone, etc., which have no effect on the performance of Silicone. Dealcoholized Silicone will slowly react unexpectedly with the organometallic catalyst due to the residual moisture in the filler, the moisture invaded from the outside, etc., and release the by-product methanol. Methanol will form low-molecular-weight silicone compounds with silicone, which will affect the cross-linking properties of the resin. These reactions will increase with the increase of storage time, which will slow down the curing speed of dealcoholized Silicone, decrease the mechanical strength and adhesive force, and lose the original characteristics.

Bi-weekly strike § First experience of farmer’s life

The pace of urban life is fast and I want to experience a different way of life, so I signed up for Hualien volunteers for 4 days and 3 nights. Use your physical senses to explore nature and try the lifestyle of local tribes. Our destination is the "water terraces" in Fengbin Township, Hualien. There are continuous sea erosion platforms beside the water terraces and steep rocks near the sea. "Water terraces" are the land replanted by the Ami port tribe. Because the coast is a terraced terrain, machine farming cannot be used. From planting, weeding to harvesting, humans are required. Here, natural farming methods are used, pesticides and herbicides are not used, and weeds and snails are removed manually. Our first task is to remove a lot of weeds. When we got out of the field, someone’s feet were immediately sunk in the heavy soil, which caused them to fall down because of their instability. The whole body was muddy, and everyone laughed. We bend down to cut the weeds every step we take. The weeding process needs to be cautious, because weeds look like straws, so be careful not to control the wrong weeds. Volunteers work continuously under the sun, and some of the team members quit because of heat stroke. I can’t help but think that farmers work like this every day. It is really hard work. It also makes me sincerely thank and admire the farmers for their hard work. ! The first time I have been in such close contact with the earth, I have a deep understanding of the truth of "Who knows that everything is hard."
─ Author: Miss Fan Yu Ru