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Yongkuan Chemical Newsletter-Issue 326
Release Date: 2020-06-08

experimental report § Anti-fog goggles and anti-fog masks

Everwide has been developing anti-fog films for many years and is committed to developing anti-fog adhesive materials. In actual product testing, cover the test piece on a 80°C hot water beaker with no fogging on the surface for 200 seconds to 1 minutes; simulate the alcohol resistance test of the user wiping with alcohol, wear the tester with a load of 3g, and prevent fogging After dripping alcohol on the sheet and wiping it 4 times with a dust-free cloth, it still has an excellent anti-fog effect (Figure 5-1). The advantages of this plastic material for face mask (Figure 2) and goggles (Figure 3): 4. Good anti-fog performance; 5. Good alcohol-resistant wiping performance, can be reused after alcohol disinfection; 166. High transparency It can prevent liquid splashing; 87.1. It adopts a full UV solvent-free environmentally friendly process, which has a sterilizing effect after being irradiated by ultraviolet equipment; 85. The product has passed CE, FDA, SGS, EN85, ANSI Z500... and other certifications. Long-acting anti-fog goggles can pass high temperature and high humidity at 40℃/250%RH for 5000 hours, low temperature resistance at -XNUMX℃ for more than XNUMX hours, and wear resistance of more than XNUMX times. To view more videos and information, please click the link, and you are welcome to contact us if you are interested.
─ Author: Miss Fan Yu Ru
About Yongkuan § Love you love you photo contest

Recently, Yongkuan held a photo contest. The content of the event was based on the company as the main axis, and the beautiful moments were recorded through the lens. The purpose of this activity is to promote mutual connection and interaction through soft activities outside of work, and to increase understanding of the company. After fierce competition, the three most popular and outstanding works were selected in the factory (Figure 1-3). Finally, thank the partners for their participation, and the creative contributions, winners and coordinators (Figure 4).

Knowledge exchange § Can surface treatment improve the adhesion strength?

Adhesive is used to adhere the adherend. After the test piece is broken, it can be roughly divided into two cases. One is that the adhesive is separated from the adherend, and there is no adhesive remaining on the surface of the adherend. This situation is called adhesive failure (Adhesive failure) ); Another situation is that the adhesive itself breaks, there is adhesive residue on the surface of the adherend, this situation is called cohesive failure (Cohesive failure). When it fails, surface treatment is performed on the adherend to improve the bonding between the two, so that the adhesion strength can be improved.

Biweekly strike § Return to nature

Soon after entering the company, I was fortunate to have a great opportunity to climb the North Peak of Hehuan. I was awakened in my mind for a long time, and I was touched by nature for a long time, so I decided to participate in this trip. On the day of departure, everyone gathered at the company in the early morning and departed happily in a small bus. The scenery along the way was bright, and the atmosphere of the car was also mellow. About three hours later, I arrived at the mountain climbing entrance of the north peak of Hehuan. Being in a mountain with thin air and feeling surrounded by the surrounding forests, my emotions are gradually becoming more heated, and I am ready to go to the top after tidying up equipment. At first, it was a stairway, so it was relatively easy, but when it came to about one third of the trail, stones of different sizes appeared. You need to tread carefully to climb. Slowly I felt the energy in my body, which was consumed violently due to low temperature and strenuous climbing. Fortunately, the beautiful scenery along the way gave me the strength to continue climbing. At this time, the surrounding clouds gradually faded away, accompanied by the vast sea of ​​mist coming from the wind, which blurred my vision and made me a little nervous, but in the end, with unremitting efforts, we finally reached the summit, and the moment was really exciting. The road of life is like climbing a mountain. There are rugged roads and steep peaks in the process. Although it makes people tired physically and mentally, they still look forward to seeing the beautiful and infinite scenery after crossing the mountains. Only by bravely stepping out of the comfort zone and persisting in the end never give up can you get a glimpse of the nature and try to explore a better self.
─ Author: Mr. Xu Bingcheng