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Everwide Newsletter No.325

Experiment report § Thermal paste version 2.0

Ah, the gap between the heating element and the heat dissipation element needs to be filled with a thermally conductive material to form a good heat transfer path. Many thermally conductive materials are mainly made of silicone and added with inorganic powder to achieve the purpose. This design will cause silicone oil to precipitate and contaminate the workpiece , And the shortcomings that affect the efficiency of heat transfer.
Innovative products have always been the subject of Everwide's efforts. We have developed thermal paste 2.0 to improve the above problems. 1. Improve the test method: The precipitation of silicone oil has always been an annoying problem, so we improved the test method. Firstly, the glass test piece is sandblasted, and then heated in an oven for accelerated experiments. The precipitation of silicone oil can be observed easily and quickly (Figure 1,2). 2. Improve Outgassing: Reduce the use of additives, Reduce the trouble caused by volatiles. 3. Improve the wetting problem: The amount of thermally conductive material is closely related to the thermal conductivity and the workability of the application. We improve the wettability of the material and increase the content of thermally conductive material (81wt%) while taking into account the workability (Figure 3) -5). Thermal conductive paste JA447-15 is your new choice, friends who are interested are welcome to contact us.
─ Author: Mr. Chen in

About Everwide § Uninterrupted learning

We continue to learn and absorb new knowledge during the epidemic.
Because the external training center attaches great importance to epidemic prevention, facing the risk of foreign lecturers coming to Taiwan to teach, it implements remote synchronous online teaching. After the class, the partners said that although there is a lack of real face-to-face interaction, the learning benefits have not been reduced as a result (Figure 1). As for the internal training courses, we will use alcohol to sterilize equipment, tables and chairs before and after the class (Figure 2). In accordance with the social distancing guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the classroom adopts a club seat and requires masks (Figure 3) so that everyone can Study with confidence in a worry-free environment.

Knowledge exchange § Do epoxy resins and hardeners need to be accurately proportioned?

Most epoxy resins and hardeners have a precise ratio. Whether it is amine hardeners, acid anhydride hardeners, etc., they need to be designed for different applications. Any change ratio may deviate from the best properties. A few exceptions are catalyst hardeners, such as cationic initiators and tertiary amine catalysts, which can allow the resin to polymerize by itself, so there is no problem of precise proportioning. Most of the catalyst-type hardeners have an applicable range. Too little addition is too slow, and too much addition will reduce the Tg and strength of the hardened product... Most of these catalysts are mixed into the formulation during factory production, and are rarely mixed before use. Therefore, for general users, epoxy resin and hardener need to be accurately proportioned.

Bi-weekly strike § My days in Taiwan

Fan Shiyu, a new colleague from Vietnam, came to Tainan Chenggong University for a master's degree in 2018. At the beginning, because I couldn't speak Chinese at all, it is conceivable that in school and daily life, the barrier caused by language is the first issue to overcome. Therefore, in order to speed up the learning to speak Chinese, in addition to talking with classmates in Chinese as much as possible, I also continue to practice in supermarkets and stores. After a lot of hard work, Chinese communication is no longer a problem. She shared many good memories of campus life in Taiwan, such as the annual "Vietnamese Culture Week", where Vietnamese students will sell Vietnamese food and introduce Vietnamese drama performances, allowing Taiwanese friends to experience Vietnamese folk customs. In addition, the process of participating in the dragon boat race on behalf of the school is also very memorable and interesting. Although it has only been two short years since I came to Taiwan, I have traveled almost everywhere from south to north. Taitung is the place that impressed her the most. The environment there is very quiet and elegant, and the water is blue and clear, which makes people feel relaxed and intoxicated. She also challenged to play hang gliding for the first time and enjoy the thrill of flying in the sky. There are also many places with his footprints, such as the Nantou Lantern Festival and Hehuan Mountain... etc., let her see Taiwan's characteristic culture and beautiful scenery, and deepen her understanding and love of this land. The kind-hearted Taiwanese, various activities, and countless delicious food... are all the reasons why she fell in love with Taiwan and chose to stay. She will continue to explore the beauty here and create more stories of her life.
─Interviewer: Ms. Chen Shimin