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Yongkuan Chemical Newsletter-Issue 324
Release Date: 2020-05-11

experimental report § PP adhesive for anti-sagging

When the common acrylic adhesive is applied to the PP sheet standing vertically, the colloid will run down due to the low viscosity and low thixotropy (Figure 1,2). The newly developed rubber material KA003 has added anti-sagging agents and toughening agents. In addition to improving the anti-sagging properties of the resin, it also increases the overall adhesive strength. For thermoplastic polyolefins (TPO), especially polypropylene sheets (PP) , Can have good adhesion (Figure 3). In the case where PP is not used as a primer, it is then cured with KA003 and left at room temperature for curing (Figure 4). Tensile mode and strength showed that most of the sheets were whitened, and the subsequent position was not damaged, proving that the adhesive strength of the adhesive is greater than the strength of the material itself (Figures 5,6, 003). KA43 requires no primer and is easy to use, with an average strength of up to 2 Kgf/cmXNUMX. We are experimenting and applying the same rubber material to different materials. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested.
─ Author: Miss Fan Shi Yu
About Yongkuan § Passing of love

Many agricultural products in Taiwan will be sold all over the world, but the export has been blocked recently due to the epidemic situation, which has affected sales. Therefore, in order to support Taiwan’s agriculture, we have purchased multiple boxes of Baccarat to share with our partners (Figure 1,2). On Mother's Day this year, we organized a group to purchase products made by handicapped people, not only to give gifts but also to help others, adding a special meaning to this gift. These exquisite potted plants, cute little flower baskets and practical rose pencils, presumably through repeated practice, they can make such beautiful works (Figure 3,4, XNUMX), see more information,Please click the link. Being a charity is a form of love transmission. As the saying goes, "Give a rose to someone with a scent in your hand", it brings warmth to others and you will feel joy and happiness. It can also add extraordinary meaning and value to life.

Knowledge exchange § Two major types of hardeners for epoxy resins: 2. Anhydrides

Another kind of hardener used in a larger amount is an anhydride hardener, which has a large ratio of resin, low viscosity, long service time, slow reaction speed, and small reaction exotherm, which requires heating and hardening. The acid anhydride hardener can be added with a large amount of inorganic powder to reduce the shrinkage and stress of the hardened product, which is suitable for the infusion of motors and electrical products; the transparent and colorless formula is widely used in LED packaging. In addition to the two major types of amine and anhydride hardeners, there are other types of hardeners: tertiary amines can allow epoxy resins to polymerize themselves; tertiary amines can allow thiols to react with epoxy resins, or phenolic The resin reacts with the epoxy resin; the cationic initiator can also make the epoxy resin photohardenable or heat harden...etc.

Biweekly strike § Good book sharing

During the internship of Yongkuan, the company provided three good books for us to read. My favorite is "Is your work still in 3 years?" I was very impressed by the effect of technological change (Figure 1). "Mobile phone" is the most direct proof. In my childhood, it was just a machine that could talk on the phone and send text messages. In middle school, its keys disappeared and became touch devices! In a blink of an eye, mobile phones have improved to have many functions such as network, video, camera, measurement and entertainment...In addition to making life more convenient, but also closer to each other. I used to think why developers would upgrade their phones to such a smart level? Ask yourself, if I am an engineer, do I have the ability to create more convenience for people? Whether it can be done or not, I hope I will go all out. As a kid, the teacher said to us: "Don't just stay in your hometown, the world is so big, go out and walk more, don't be a frog at the bottom of the well." This sentence is also common in the workplace. No one can guarantee that the professional knowledge we have now can be used for five years, ten years, or a lifetime? Therefore, we must keep learning, look around, absorb new knowledge, and not be complacent with the frog at the bottom of the well. The journey of life is not the same mentality. Even if you encounter setbacks, you can still see the glory after the change. I hope that I can arrange my life properly, and work hard to live this life. Finally, I would like to thank Yong Kuan for learning a lot of new knowledge here, such as: knowledge of testing equipment, product packaging skills (Figure 2,3, XNUMX), more understanding of the importance of responsibility and proactive problem solving, and the power of teamwork …Wait, these are valuable and practical practical experiences. In the near future, I will formally enter my career and start another journey in my life. Although the future is full of question marks, I am still not afraid and welcome new challenges with joy! This good book is shared with you, and you who are interested can also take a look!
─ Author: swim Miss Yu Min