Everwide Newsletter
Everwide Newsletter No.321

Experimental report § 橡膠接著用之MS接著劑

Due to the low surface tension, low polarity and high flexibility of the rubber itself, high polarity epoxy resin, UV glue or general MS adhesives are not very effective for its adhesion. Recently, we have developed MS adhesives for rubber. The goal is to not need primer, not to smell bad, and not to harm the substrate. Figure 1 shows the developed product FS200BL and the conventional product FS115BL3 after bonding the silicone rubber and tearing it apart by hand: FS200BL is a mixed failure mode, and the latter is a subsequent failure. Figure 2 is another developed product and conventional product FS115W1 to EPDM. The developed product has obvious cohesive failure, with residual glue on both sides; FS115W1 has subsequent failure, with one side degumming. The developed products that adhere to SBR also have better results (Figure 3, SBR has been cleaned by MEK). The current formula is used for rubber-to-rubber bonding, and it can often be glued on both sides, but the bonding effect between rubber and plastic is not good enough (Figure 4). The possible reason is that the plastic material will not deform during the peeling force process of the plastic and rubber, and the colloid has a strong adhesion to the plastic. Therefore, the maximum force is the interface between the rubber substrate and the MS colloid, making the MS colloid Tend to peel off the rubber surface. We will continue to improve the adhesion of plastic and rubber materials.
─ Author: Mr. Cheng Yuxiang
About Everwide § Epidemic prevention move

In response to the prevention of new coronavirus infection, we have related measures: visitors, manufacturers, and couriers need to monitor their body temperature and wear masks to ensure that everyone can work in a safe environment (Figure 1). Every morning, all colleagues must take their body temperature and record it for tracking purposes (Figure 2). If abnormal conditions are found, they will ask for medical treatment as soon as possible. Wearing a mask and washing hands correctly during this period are very important, so we set up dry hand soap at the manufacturing site, check-in area, shipping area...etc. for colleagues and visitors to use; also posted correct hand washing methods at each hand washing counter and watched the seven hand washing patterns Please click on the link (Figure 3). In order to remind colleagues of the importance of epidemic prevention, the latest epidemic prevention information and publicity broadcasts are conducted twice a week. Please try to avoid gathering and activities in confined spaces, wash your hands frequently, wear masks, and maintain hygiene. If you feel unwell, please seek medical attention immediately. I would like to thank the medical staff who have been at the forefront of epidemic prevention, just to let the patients regain their health as soon as possible and smile again. Thank you for your hard work.

Knowledge exchange § Is MS resin resistant to organic solvents?

Most MS resins and organic solvents (such as MEK, n-Hexane or Toluene) will swell significantly after prolonged contact, causing serious deterioration of MS colloids, so avoid using MS resins in this environment. Then again, brief contact, such as cleaning or wiping, does not have much effect on the cured MS resin.

Biweekly strike § Cat characters

Now more and more families keep pets, treat them as their own family members, take care of them in every possible way, and even call them fur kids. The opportunity to raise a cat was that when I was still working in Hsinchu, I opened this "road of no return" in order to relieve one's distress. Cats have their own ways of doing things, but they also capture the hearts of many people. They often perform incomprehensible behaviors, so they are called cats. Although they are very independent animals, they only need to provide enough water and food, and regularly clean the cat litter to live well, but in addition to these basic physical needs, their psychological needs can not be ignored, the owner's care and Interaction is very important. Even if you are busy, you must spend time with you, otherwise you may get depression! Cats have many cute things: like they can’t call them normally, they don’t pay much attention to how they call them, but if you carefully observe the movements of their tails, if they wiggle, it means that they know you called them, but they are too lazy to respond. , This is obviously a Tsundere personality! Winter is the happiest time for cat owners, because they will stick to their owners to keep warm. Of course, there are also troublesome aspects of raising cats, such as: cat hair floating in the air at any time in the home, claw marks appearing in new furniture not long after, items on the table often appear on the ground, running wildly in the middle of the night and knocking down things... etc. Sometimes it is really irritating, but whenever I see their cute way of sleeping, I think it's all worth it!
─ Author: Mr. Chen Yonglong