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Yongkuan Chemical Newsletter-Issue 319
Release Date: 2020-03-02

Experimental report§ High temperature resistant MS adhesive

─ Author: Mr. Cheng Yuxiang
About Yongkuan§ New website

Collecting information through the Internet is already a modern trend. Customers report that the old website of Yongkuan is not convenient enough, and searching for information is time-consuming, so it is time for a big transformation. We refer to domestic and foreign websites, combine the company's cultural elements, pay attention to the beauty of design, and launch a new website. The home page clearly shows the two major blocks of "product" and "technology": the former focuses on the existing things, and the latter provides information to cooperate with the development. There is also a "fast track" on the homepage, let us contact you directly, and save you the hard work of searching. This platform allows everyone to better understand our trends, and the background will also regularly update information, such as: product announcements, technical information, company activities, e-newsletters, etc. Figures 1 and 2 are the homepages of the new and old websites, do you have a different feeling? Want to visit our new website for a surprise trip? Please clickLink.

Knowledge Exchange § How can moisture-hardened products overcome deep curing?


Biweekly § Use "heart" to make snacks

In recent years, I have become hooked on the fun of making snacks by myself. I found that the steps of making snacks are very similar to the company's production process: the proportion of the formula must be precise, the order of the feeding can not be changed, pay attention to whether it needs to be preheated, cooled or set aside during the process, and finally filtered (sieve). Every link must be careful, and slight errors will affect the overall taste or taste. In particular, the cakes are particularly strict, because it uses the air in the dough to achieve the bulky result. If there are errors in the production process, the structure of the holes in the cake is different, and it may become a poorly delicious finished product. Recipes for snacks on the Internet are readily available, but for my reference only, I often need to make some adjustments based on experience. The success of snacks is related to three factors: the moisture content of the ingredients, the temperature of the equipment and the ambient temperature. Judging from these factors, is it necessary to change the formula? Does the ratio need to be adjusted? Is there any problem with the approach? The feeling is getting more and more accurate under the gradual accumulation, and the failure rate will also decrease significantly. Making snacks is my interest. Although the production process is cumbersome, it makes me feel happy and reduces stress. Especially at the year-end conferences in recent years, I will bring my hand-made desserts and colleagues to share my achievements, and use another way to send my care and gratitude. Making snacks has multiple meanings for me. This is also the driving force that can continue to drive even after being tired after get off work. In our daily life, if we have special interests, it is really very happy.
─ Author: Miss Chen Yayan