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Yongkuan Chemical Newsletter-Issue 318
Release Date: 2020-02-17

experimental report § Pressure-sensitive adhesive testing machine

─ Author: Mr. Pan Dongqi
About Yongkuan § Annual participation plan

展覽除了提高知名度外,也能吸取新知,衝擊出不同的火花。今年參展計劃:4/15~4/18台北國際車用電子展、6/24~6/27泰國國際電子生產設備暨為電子展、9/9~9/11中國國際光電博覽會、9/9~9/11越南國際電子製造關連展。 除了參展以外,近幾年永寬產品陸續銷售至印尼、新加坡、泰國和越南...等國家。客戶希望更瞭解我們的產品,希望我們提供更好的服務,語言問題和文化差異是必然的挑戰。今年將會有不同國籍的同仁陸續加入永寬,為我們注入一股新的力量。未來的技術文件,產品資料…等,除了英文版以外,希望能夠更加在地化。下次展覽,歡迎您來攤位看看我們,看我們是不是又有一點點的進步。

Knowledge exchange § What is the curing mechanism of the added silicone?

The curing principle of addition-type silicone is that the vinyl group on the Si atom and the siloxane containing Si-H functional group, under the catalysis of the transition metal compound (for example: platinum catalyst), undergo addition reaction to form new Si-C key. This reaction cross-links the linear structure into a network structure. Compared with shrink-type silicone rubber, the addition-type silicone reaction has no by-products, the reaction speed is not related to environmental factors, and has a high conversion rate. Therefore, many applications use the addition-type silicone rubber. Addition silicone has some disadvantages: it has poor adhesion ability. Commercial products often add non-reactive silicone oil, which may cause catalyst poisoning... etc., still need to be properly evaluated before application.

Biweekly strike § Friends of Xitou

I love the sea view more than the mountain view. In addition to the vast heart that the sea brings to me, the waggling sound of the waves lingering in my ears can touch my hearty emotions, and my heart will begin to play a surging symphony. At first, I didn't like to climb mountains, because I had old men's knees and stupid ankles, so I crooked my feet and hurt my hips while climbing. But in order to accompany Mr. training physical strength, I decided to visit the mountain forest again. In the bird watching trail of Forest Creek, I had a beautiful encounter! At the beginning, I noticed that on the stone steps a few feet away from me, there was a yellow-chest bird (servan) jumping, and I said to him jokingly, "Are you leading me to the top?" I was surprised to see them, and they were not afraid of me at all! Later, I decided to visit Xitou regularly because of the experience of passing by an elderly couple on the "Ginkgo Trail". They are fully equipped and at the same pace. I feel that in addition to their similar interests, they also explain the beauty of mutual companionship! I immediately picked up my phone to capture the picture, and this scene also became the trail I visited every season. The mountains bring me the power of peace and peace. The fallen leaves and new shoots, flowers, and flowers in the mountain forest make me realize that the journey of life is also high and low, in order to interweave a rich self. As I climbed the mountain, I watched people's faces and listened to the content of the words, and learned to check my status. When life is like living for others, do you try to start paying attention to yourself and live for yourself!
─ Author: Miss Zhangjia Fang