Everwide Newsletter
Everwide Newsletter No.318

Experiment report § Pressure sensitive adhesive test machine< br />
Adhesive tapes vary according to the requirements for adhesiveness of functional classification. Everwide has been developing UV-curable pressure sensitive adhesives (solvent-free PSA) for some time, and customers' requirements for colloidal physical properties have become increasingly stringent. In order to use different verification methods to ensure product reliability, we purchased four new pressure-sensitive adhesive physical properties testing equipment. Figures 1-3 are high temperature and room temperature tape retention test machines. When tape products are used in room temperature and high temperature locations, retention is an important indicator. Adhesives with insufficient retention may fall off in a short time and cause damage (Figure 4). Figures 5 and 6 are the initial adhesion tester: labels and stickers need to be easy to stick. At this time, the initial adhesion tester can be used to test the initial viscosity of the tape to confirm that the viscosity is within the customer's allowable range. Figure 7 is an electric rolling machine: the tape will affect the adhesive strength due to the different pressures applied by the user. In order to control the variable, the machine is used to apply a fixed number of times and weights. In the currently developed case, the glue thickness is 150um, and the load of five kilograms can exceed 2 to 3 months without falling off. Welcome to contact us if you are interested!
─ Author: Mr. Pan Dongqi
About Everwide § Annual exhibition plan

In addition to raising awareness, the exhibition can also absorb new knowledge and create different sparks. Participation plans for this year: 4/15~4/18 Taipei International Automotive Electronics Show, 6/24~6/27 Thailand International Electronic Production Equipment and Electronics Show, 9/9~9/11 China International Optoelectronic Expo, 9/9 ~9/11 Vietnam International Electronics Manufacturing Exhibition. In addition to participating in the exhibition, Everwide products have been sold to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam... and other countries in recent years. Customers want to know more about our products and hope that we can provide better services. Language problems and cultural differences are inevitable challenges. This year, colleagues of different nationalities will join Everwide one after another, injecting a new force into us. In addition to the English version, future technical documents, product information... etc. hope to be more localized. In the next exhibition, you are welcome to come to the booth to see us and see if we have made a little progress.

Knowledge exchange § What is the curing mechanism for addition molding silicone?

The curing principle of addition type silicone is that the vinyl on the Si atom and the silicone containing the Si-H functional group undergo an addition reaction under the catalysis of a transition metal compound (such as platinum catalyst) to form a new Si-C key. This reaction cross-links the linear structure into a network structure. Compared with shrink-type silicone, addition-type silicone has no by-products, reaction speed and environmental factors are not related, and has a high conversion rate. Therefore, there are many applications that use addition-type silicone. Addition silicone has some shortcomings: it has poor adhesion, and non-reactive silicone oil is often added to commercially available products, which may cause catalyst poisoning... etc. It must be properly evaluated before application.

Bi-weekly strike § Friends of Xitou< br />
I used to love sea views more than mountain views. In addition to the vastness of the heart that the sea brings to me, the lingering sound of waves slapping in my ears can touch my hearty emotions, and my heart will begin to play surging symphony. At first, I didn't like to climb mountains, because I had old knees and stupid ankles, so I broke my feet and broke my hips while climbing. But in order to train with my husband, I decided to visit the forest again. I had a beautiful encounter on the bird watching trail in Forest Creek! At first I noticed that on the stone steps a few feet away from me, there was a bird with yellow hair (serval) jumping. I jokingly said to it, "Are you leading me to the top?" I can see them. What surprises me is that they are not afraid of me at all! Later, I decided to visit Xitou regularly because of the experience of rubbing against an elderly couple on the "Ginkgo Trail". They are fully equipped and have the same pace. I feel that they not only have similar interests, but also interpret the beauty of mutual company! I immediately picked up the phone to capture the picture, and this scene has become a trail I visit every season. The mountains bring me the power of tranquility and peace. The fallen leaves and new buds, blooming and declining flowers in the mountains and forests made me realize that the journey of life is also high and low in order to interweave a rich self. While climbing the mountain, I watched people’s faces and listened to the content of words, learning to check my own state. When life is living for others, do you try to pay attention to yourself and live for yourself!
─ Author: Miss Zhangjia Fang