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Everwide Newsletter No.317

Experiment report § High-rate foam sheet

Some composite products are preformed by rolling the foamed material in a carbon fiber prepreg, and then putting it into a mold to heat and harden. During the baking process, the foamed material will expand and the carbon fiber prepreg will harden, thus obtaining a lightweight product. With the increasing popularity of lightweight, foamed sheets with higher magnification have become a market trend. In order to meet this characteristic, a large amount of foaming powder is added to the foaming material. How to make the resin evenly wet the foaming powder, the foaming powder is evenly distributed in the resin, but also to overcome the difficulties of production, make it into a sheet-like material, and become the key technology of this material. The manufacturing process encountered the following problems: 1. Excessive resin sag and overflow of the resin made the manufacturing process a challenge (Figure 1). 2. The thicker the thickness of the foamed sheet produced, the easier it is to pack bubbles in it, causing the surface to be concave and uneven (Figure 2). 3. The choice of coating carrier, if relatively soft substrates such as grid cloth and non-woven cloth are used, it will be easily deformed and cause surface wrinkles (Figure 3). In order to solve the above difficulties, we tried to use glass fiber cloth as the base material and matched the exhaust characteristics of the mesh cloth to successfully eliminate the air bubbles and wrinkles. This is the most perfect solution after the current test (Figure 4, 5). ).
─ Author: Miss Lai Huifang
About Everwide § 2019 year-end meeting

The opening event of the conference: Everyone held hands and meditated, and wrote the most important things in life. Then each department reports, so that colleagues in different positions can understand the company's results and goals. The awards of influential figures and the best service set off the climax of the meeting. In the afternoon, I watched the movie: "As long as I grow up." At the end of the meeting, we used "learning and doing good" to encourage each other. This year is the 20th anniversary of Everwide. Every colleague has a box of small cakes to declare this joy to his family. We meet together, 20 years later, we will become the world's best company.

Knowledge Exchange § Why is the viscosity of Silicone not affected by temperature and changes significantly?

Generally, the stronger the force between the resin molecules, the poorer the ability to move between the molecules, which means that the viscosity is higher in a macroscopic sense. When the temperature rises, the molecules have good mobility and overcome the forces between the molecules, so the viscosity will decrease. Since the intermolecular force of Silicone resin is inherently very low, increasing the temperature and increasing energy has little effect on the force, so the viscosity of Silicone resin will not change significantly due to changes in temperature. This characteristic is the same as that of general organic The performance of the resin is different.

Bi-weekly good ball § "Run" is exciting

The first time I noticed road running was because of reading the book "Run alone": the author went from being a graphic worker who lacked exercise to being able to run a 42-kilometer marathon. Actually, after graduating from school, I want to develop sports habits and improve my physical fitness. I also like the joyous atmosphere of road running and the beautiful scenery along the way. There are many pictures of road running that I will never forget: I got up before dawn, rode a motorcycle and arrived at the venue in the cold wind, watching the sun slowly rise in the process; moving towards the same goal with someone I don’t know, The distance between people has become smaller; when the body and mind are exhausted and can't hold it, with the idea of ​​success, try to control the pace and keep moving forward, and the heart is extremely excited at the end of the race. Although running is a sport that almost everyone knows about, there are many details that must be paid attention to in a marathon to finish the race smoothly, such as the correct running method, the mentality when running, don’t count how many kilometers you have run, you should count how many are left. Kilometers etc... Setting goals is easy, but the process of achieving them is not simple at all. Participating in the road run allows me to know myself better, use running to get out of the comfort zone, think about the problems encountered in life, and find a better way or a different mentality to look at things. Try it too!
─ Author: Miss Dai Zhujun

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