Yongkuan News
Yongkuan Chemical Newsletter-Issue 317
Release Date: 2020-02-03

experimental report § High magnification foam sheet

某些複合材料的產品是將發泡材料捲在碳纖維預浸布裏面預型,再放入模具中加熱硬化。在烘烤的過程中,發泡材料會膨脹,碳纖維預浸材會硬化,如此得到輕量化的產品。隨著輕量化越來越普及,擁有更高倍率的發泡片成為市場趨勢。而為了滿足這個特性,發泡材料中會添加大量的發泡粉。如何讓樹脂均勻的濕潤發泡粉,發泡粉均勻的分佈在樹脂裏面,還要克服生產的困難,把它做成片狀材料的樣子,變成這種材料的關鍵技術。製作過程遇到下列幾個問題:1. 樹脂過度垂流和溢膠的狀況,使得製造過程成為了一種挑戰(圖1)。2. 生產發泡片材的厚度越厚,越容易包氣泡在裡面,造成表面凹陷不平整(圖2)。3. 塗布載體的選用,若是使用比較柔軟基材例如網格布、不織布,會因為容易變形,造成表面皺摺(圖3)。為了解決以上種種困難,我們嘗試以玻纖布為基材,搭配網格布的排氣特性,成功的將氣泡和皺摺問題排除,這是目前測試後最完美的解決辦法(圖4,5)。
─ Author: Miss Lai Huifang
About Yongkuan § End of 2019 meeting

The opening event of the meeting: everyone held hands and meditated, writing the most important things in life. Then each department reports so that colleagues in different positions can understand the company's achievements and goals. The awards of the best characters and best service set off the climax of the conference. I watched the movie in the afternoon: "As long as I grow up." At the end of the meeting, we used "learning and doing good" to encourage each other. This year is the 20th anniversary of Yongkuan. Every colleague has a box of small cakes to announce this joy to his family. We meet together, and 20 years later we will become the world's best company.

Knowledge exchange § Why does Silicone's viscosity not change significantly due to temperature?

Generally, the stronger the force between the resin molecules, the weaker the ability of the molecules to move between each other. Macroscopically speaking, the viscosity is higher. When the temperature rises, the molecules have a good ability to move and overcome the intermolecular forces, so the viscosity will decrease. Since the intermolecular force of Silicone resin is already very low, increasing the temperature and increasing the energy has little effect on the force, so the viscosity of Silicone resin will not change significantly due to temperature changes. This feature is generally organic The performance of the resin is not the same.

Biweekly strike § "Run" is wonderful

The first time I noticed a road run was because I read the book "Going Running Alone": The author went from being a graphic worker who lacked exercise to being able to run a 42-kilometer marathon. Actually investing in road running after graduation from school, in addition to wanting to develop exercise habits and enhance physical fitness, I also like the joyful atmosphere of road running and the beautiful scenery along the way. There are many pictures on the road run that I will never forget: I wake up before dawn, ride a motorcycle to the cold wind and arrive at the meeting place, watching the sun rise slowly in the process; and people who do not know advance towards the same goal, The distance between people has become smaller; when the body and mind are exhausted and can't bear it, with the idea of ​​wanting to succeed, they strive to control the footsteps and continue to move forward, and they are extremely excited at the time of completion. Although running is a sport that almost everyone will do, the marathon has many details to pay attention to before it can be completed successfully. For example: the correct running method, the mentality when running, don’t count how many kilometers you run, you should count how many are left Kilometers etc... Setting goals is easy, but the process of achieving them is not simple at all. Participating in road running has made me more aware of myself. I use running to get out of the comfort zone, think about the difficulties in life, and find out better ways or different mentalities to look at things. You can also try it!
─ Author: Miss Dai Zhujun