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Everwide Newsletter No.316
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People say: "Time is like an arrow, time is like a shuttle." It really felt like this: time flies quickly, and another year has passed. Looking back on 2019, we have developed many new products, recruited new blood vessels, enhanced professional knowledge, purchased a variety of instruments, improved the working environment, strengthened internal processes, focused on physical and mental health, and invested in public welfare activities... etc. Some changes are not easy, and difficulties and setbacks are not surprising. We always make breakthroughs together and move forward step by step. Having said that, many efforts will not have a dramatic effect, and they will only see the results after the accumulation of time. The following photos are some bits and pieces that we have shared with you. Maybe after a few years, we will be very happy to discover: These things are really done right!

Purchase a new type of dispensing machine and invite manufacturers to explain how to use it, and the detection will be more accurate. The history of Evergrande tells the experience and growth, so that colleagues can understand the company's transformation. A studious youth 2 conference to share the results of the discussion and expectations for the future. The joining of interns during winter and summer vacations adds vitality and vitality to us!

Organize a number of health lectures on different topics to allow employees to increase their health knowledge. AIAG VDA FMEA Failure mode and effect analysis, coursework discussion. Optimize the production management process, and the manufacturing department's operations are smoothly improved. Adopt a road to pick up roadside garbage. This is something you and I have the opportunity to participate in.

Inter-departmental production and sales meetings, manufacturing and sales are closely linked, and parallel communication is indispensable. Purchase new protective equipment to ensure that employees work in a safe environment. The ventilation of the raw material storage area was improved, and ventilation equipment was installed to successfully reduce the odor. The trees are cut and repaired throughout the plant to beautify the environment and make the look more comfortable and clean.

To create a reading atmosphere, more than 300 new books and magazines were purchased in the library. I heard the voices of customers and visited and audited ten times. Improvement is the source of progress. Teaching majors is the direction of our continuous efforts. There are 22 interns training sessions. Let the world see us, participate in a total of six exhibitions, and open up the road more powerful.

I wish a prosperous Year of the Rat

The golden "pig" year is coming to an end, and the lucky "rat" year will report happily. Thank you readers and friends for subscribing in the past year, so that we have the opportunity to share life with you. Speaking of sharing, our new version of the image video has been released. Friends are welcome to watch it on our official website, or click the link on the right. The New Year’s Day is approaching, and the final production and shipment date this year is January 17 (Friday). On the 20th, the factory area was cleaned and the floor paint was painted. On the 22nd, all my colleagues gathered together for a year-end meeting. January 23 to January 29 is the 7-day Chinese New Year holiday. We will officially go to work on January 30 (Thursday). I just wish you this article: Happy New Year, everything goes well! The bi-weekly report will see you again on February 3.