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Yongkuan Chemical Newsletter-Issue 316
Release Date: 2020-01-13

Others said, "Time is like an arrow, time is like a shuttle." It really felt like this: time passed quickly, and another year passed. Looking back on 2019, we have developed many new products, recruited new blood vessels, enhanced professional knowledge, purchased multiple instruments, improved working environment, strengthened internal processes, focused on physical and mental health, invested in public welfare activities, etc. Some changes are not easy, and difficulties and setbacks are not unexpected. We always work together to make breakthroughs and move forward step by step. Having said that, many efforts will not have a dramatic impact, and they will only work over time to see the effect. The photos below are some of the bits and pieces we shared with you. Perhaps in a few years, we will be happy to find out: these things are really done right!

Purchase a new type of dispensing machine and invite manufacturers to explain how to use it, and the detection is more accurate. Yongkuan's history describes the experience and growth, so that colleagues can understand the company's changes. Educated Youth 2 Presentation, sharing discussion results and expectations for the future. The joining of winter and summer vacation interns adds vitality and vitality to us!

Held multiple health lectures on different topics to allow employees to add new knowledge about health. AIAG VDA FMEA failure mode and effect analysis, course assignment discussion. Optimize the production management process, and make the leap forward for the smooth operation of the manufacturing department. Adopting the road and picking up roadside garbage is something that you and I have the opportunity to participate in.

Inter-departmental production and sales meetings, manufacturing and sales are closely linked, parallel communication is essential. Purchase new protective equipment to ensure employees work in a safe environment. The ventilation of the raw material placement area is improved, and the exhaust equipment is added to successfully reduce the odor. Trees are trimmed throughout the plant to beautify the environment and make the look more comfortable and tidy.

To create a reading atmosphere, the library has purchased more than XNUMX books and magazines. Hearing the voice of customers, visiting and auditing ten times, improvement is the source of progress. The teaching of majors is the direction of our continuous efforts. A total of XNUMX interns are trained. Let the world see us and participate in a total of six exhibitions.

Wish a prosperous year of the rat

金「豬」年已接近尾聲,吉「鼠」年將歡喜的報到。感謝讀者朋友們過去一年的訂閱,讓我們有機會與您分享生活的點滴。說到分享,我們新版的形象影片已出爐,歡迎朋友們到我們的官網觀看,或直接點擊右方連結 。年節將至,今年度最後生產和出貨日為1月17日(星期五)。20日開始廠區大掃除和刷地板漆,22日是全體同仁共聚一堂的年終會議。1月23日到1月29日是7天的春節假期,我們將於1月30日(星期四)正式上班。僅以此文祝福您:新年快樂,萬事順心!雙週報將於2月3日與您再見。