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Everwide Newsletter No.315

Experiment report § Low viscosity moisture hardening adhesive for electronic products< /strong>

Recently, customers have been asking whether there are low-viscosity moisture-curing products. We usually promote the transparent version of FS0665 with a viscosity of about 8000 cps. However, for some customers, the viscosity is still too high to meet the requirements of their manufacturing process. need. Why don't the commercially available products have lower viscosity? The reason is that low-viscosity components usually reduce the mechanical properties and adhesion of the adhesive, so it is difficult to achieve both low viscosity and practicality. Recently, we have broken through the bottleneck and have been able to maintain certain mechanical properties and shear tension at a lower viscosity (about 2000 cps). The product numbers are FS191 with tin catalyst and FS132-23 without tin catalyst. Figure 1 is a comparison of the shear tension of FS191, FS132-23 and FS0665, Figure 2 is a comparison of the tensile force of PC test pieces in a short time, and Figure 3 is a comparison of the tensile force of metal to plastic. In order to meet the different dispensing methods of more customers, we have introduced a 30ml hose package, which can be applied to the bonding and assembly of small parts (Figure 4). At present, FS191 will have yellowing after long-term release, but it does not affect the adhesion; we have started to improve this yellowing phenomenon (Figure 5), and at the same time improve its adhesion to ABS
─ Author: Mr. Cheng Yuxiang
About Everwide § Health is priceless< br />
Employees spend more than one-third of their time in the workplace, so ensuring the safety and health of their partners is an important part. We regularly appointed nurses and professional doctors to provide on-site health services (Figure 1), all employees have annual physical examinations, and regular health education lectures on different topics are held to increase health knowledge, such as cancer prevention and screening, stress resistance, etc. (Figure 2, 3). In addition, we also organize groups to participate in outdoor activities such as charity road runs. Prevention is better than cure. If you want to have a strong physique, you need to accumulate bit by bit every day, eat a balanced diet, develop good exercise habits, and take regular health checks. Let us move and embrace a healthy life!

Knowledge exchange § Why is the dipole moment of the Si-O bond high, but the polarity of Silicone Very low?

Generally, the higher the dipole moment of the chemical bond, the uneven distribution of charges between the two atoms. One atom is biased towards partly positive electricity, and the other atom is biased towards partly negative electricity, making this molecule more polar. However, due to the relatively large Si atoms in the Silicone structure, the polymer arrangement of Silicone presents a helical arrangement. This structure causes the dipole moments in the molecule to have no common direction, and the dipole moments in different directions will Cancel each other, so the Silicone material presents the appearance of low polar molecules.

Bi-weekly strike § The 10th Japan Makuhari High Performance Material Exhibition

The exhibition date is from December 4th to 6th, 2019. I rushed to the venue early on the 3rd to organize and arrange our booth in full swing. The company exhibited themes of application resins bonded with MS, epoxy and PP. My colleagues in this trip have their respective responsibilities: my task is to participate in 12 special lectures in three days, that is, 2 in the first half of the day and 2 in the second half of each day, collect valuable information about the lectures, and return to the defense station in the free time. When I was in the gap between lectures, I just walked to the lecture hall (Hall 8) back to our booth (Hall 2). Because the venue was too big before returning to the booth, the time had come for the next lecture, so I hurriedly went back to the conference hall to participate in the next special lecture. These three days were repeated cycles like this, as urgent as a march. But it is also full of rewards. When I was standing at the booth, I came into contact with professional consultations and problems in various industries. I suddenly recalled the dean of the university saying: “People who come to the exhibition and consultations come to consult when they encounter unsolvable problems.” Therefore, I Always be patient and answer as many questions as possible, hoping to have continued cooperation. On the one hand, the exhibition continued to let the world see Everbright, but also learned about current and future application needs. Finally, let me use the words of the dean of the university to encourage colleagues. It is necessary to participate in international exhibitions. It is mainly to be able to understand the research direction and themes of each company, and to know oneself and the enemy can win all battles.
─ author: Dr. Wu Jiaxing
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