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Everwide Newsletter No.313

Experimental report § Moisture hardening type hard caulking glue

Moisture-hardening products usually give people the impression of soft rubber, which is used for sealing applications and endures external forces to maintain a good sealing state of the product. Moisture hardening products with high hardness usually have a large amount of inorganic fillers added, so they look opaque. Recently we have developed a transparent version of the high-hardness product FS192 (Figure 1), after hardening, the Shore hardness can reach D 41 (Figure 2), and the Shore hardness A specification is around 90(Figure 3 ). The viscosity of FS192 is similar to that of FS0665, the soft rubber product of Shore A 30. It still maintains good adhesive properties (Figure 4). Since there are not many such products on the market at present, the application area has yet to be developed. At present, we set it as a single-component moisture-curing hard joint sealant to distinguish two-component epoxy resins that also have high hardness and are also cured at room temperature. Interested customers are welcome to contact us.
─ Author: Mr. Cheng Yuxiang
About Everwide § Two or three things recently

The ISO14001 & ISO45001 management system audits for two consecutive days were completed with the joint efforts of partners (Figure 1). The original two small exhaust fans were replaced with large exhaust fans in the film work area to effectively reduce irritating odors and provide a healthier working environment for colleagues (Figure 2). Near the end of the year, in order to ensure the unity of materials and accounts, everyone worked together to confirm the materials and materials (Figure 3). In addition to checking and accepting the results of this year, these activities also examine areas for improvement and, more importantly, make better preparations for next year.

Knowledge exchange § What are the characteristics of MS resin?

Most of the formulations of MS resin (Modified silicone) are single-liquid type, the reaction behavior is like RTV1 silicone, easy to use; Tg is less than -40 ℃, can maintain good mechanical properties in low temperature environment; molecular structure is similar to ordinary organic compounds, can be Then, paint it again; it does not contain Silicone components and will not be contaminated by silicone oil; different fillers can be used to adjust physical properties, such as improving tensile strength, hardness, specific gravity, and thermal conductivity... etc. The main chain of MS resin is different from that of silicone, and there is no problem in high temperature environment in a short time, such as the soldering process of electronic parts. MS resin is not recommended to be used in high temperature environment for a long time. For example, if it is above 100°C for a long time, it must be evaluated by experiment.

Biweekly strike § Choosing good and stubborn to change yourself

My friend said to me that your posture has really changed a lot. Is there any secret? Chosen stubborn! Choosing good and right things to do, and persisting in the same is the reason for my success. At first, it was the factor of my mother’s diabetes that made me vigilant, so for the sake of health, I decided to take Journey to weight loss. Since last year, I used a low-glycemic diet (Biweekly Report No. 284), my weight dropped from 114 kg to nearly 93 kg, and my waist circumference dropped from 48 inches to 41 inches. The results have been very good. The good times didn't last long, I encountered a period of stagnation in weight loss, and I chose to escape. Because the dishes for the Chinese New Year are so good, I just want to make plans after the new year, which leads to excessive intake of calories, but the weight has quietly recovered without mercy. When I stood on the weight machine again, I panicked and told myself that I couldn't rot. In a conversation, a friend shared that a coach was pretty good, and asked me to try it. I didn't want to let my previous efforts be in vain. I was determined to win and decided to try my best, so I immediately decided to learn from the coach without saying anything. In the early stages of the change, for me who didn't like sports, I had to live a life of sports that was urged every day, which really made me feel annoyed. Besides, I can say that I have zero experience in fitness, plus the difference between the exercises taught by the coach and the usual knowledge makes me not confident. I have a good chance to be supervised by my coach and encouraged by my friends. Fortunately, I have a good advantage, "stubbornness," and insist on doing it. After continuing to exercise according to the table for a while, the posture and weight have changed. The weight has dropped from 93 to 63, and the waist circumference has also changed from 41 inches to 31 inches, which is nearly 50 kilograms less than in 2018. For me, this year is the most challenging year. From not wanting to do it, to learning and doing it spontaneously, making the impossible possible. Perhaps "choosing good and stubborn" is also an attitude in life! I am happy to share my changes, and welcome friends who want to choose the good and stubborn to come and talk to me.

─ Author: Mr. Xu Yixuan