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Yongkuan Chemical Newsletter-Issue 313
Release Date: 2019-12-02

experimental report§ Moisture hardening type hard caulking compound

Moisture-hardened products usually give the impression of soft rubber, which is used for sealing applications and endures external forces to maintain a good sealing state of the product. Moisture-hardening products with high hardness are usually added with a large amount of inorganic fillers, so they look opaque. Recently, we have developed a transparent version of the high-hardness product FS192 (Figure 1). After hardening, the Shore hardness can reach D 41 (Figure 2). The specification of Shore A hardness is around 90 (image 3). FS192 is similar in viscosity to Shore A 30's soft rubber product FS0665 and still maintains good adhesion properties (Figure 4). Since there are not many products of this type on the market, the application is yet to be developed. At present, we set it as a single-liquid moisture-hardening hard caulking compound to distinguish two-liquid epoxy resin that also has high hardness and is also cured at room temperature. Interested customers are welcome to contact us.
─ Author: Mr. Cheng Yuxiang
About Yongkuan § Recent two or three things

連續兩天的ISO14001 & ISO45001管理系統稽核,在伙伴們共同努力下完成(圖1)。片膠作業區將原先的兩台小型排風扇,更換成大型排風扇,以有效減低剌激性氣味,提供更健康的工作環境給同仁(圖2)。年底將近為了確保料帳合一,大家齊心協力進行物與料的確認(圖3)。這些活動除了驗收今年的成果,也檢視可改善之處,更重要的是為明年做好更完善的準備。

Knowledge exchange § What are the characteristics of MS resin?

Most formulations of MS resin (Modified silicone) are single-liquid type, the reaction behavior is like RTV1 silicone rubber, easy to use; Tg is less than -40 ℃, can maintain good mechanical properties in low temperature environment; molecular structure is similar to general organic compounds, you can Then, re-coating; Silicone-free ingredients will not be contaminated with silicone oil; You can use different fillers to adjust physical properties, such as improving tensile strength, hardness, specific gravity, and thermal conductivity... etc. The main chain of MS resin is different from silicone rubber, and there is no problem with high temperature environment in a short time, for example: the soldering process of electronic parts. MS resin is not recommended for long-term use in high-temperature environments, for example: long-term above 100 ℃, you must do experimental evaluation now.

Biweekly strike § Choose good and stubborn to change yourself

朋友對我說,你的體態真的改變很多,有什麼秘訣嗎?擇善固執!選擇好的及正確的事去做,且堅持不變就是我成功的原因。起初是媽媽糖尿病的因素,讓我有了警惕,所以為了健康著想,我決定邁 向減肥之旅。去年開始,我運用低升糖飲食習慣(雙週報No.284),體重從114公斤掉到近93公斤,腰圍從48吋掉到41吋,成果已經很不錯了。好景不長,遇到減重停滯期,而且我選擇了逃避。因為過年的菜色實在太優了,只想著年後再做打算,導致攝取過多的熱量,但體重已不留情面的悄悄回升。再次站上體重機我驚慌了,並告訴自己不能再糜爛下去。在一次談話中,朋友分享有位教練挺不錯,要我試看看。不願讓之前所做的努力白費,我抱著必勝的決心,決定努力放手一搏,所以二話不說就馬上決定向教練取經。 在改變的初期,對於不愛運動的我,卻要過著每天被督促的運動生活,確實讓我感到煩苦。況且我對健身可說是零經驗,再加上教練教的運動跟平常所知的相差十萬八千里,讓我沒有信心。好險有教練督促與朋友鼓勵,也好加在我有個還不錯的優點「固執」,堅持一定要做到。持續按表操課一陣子後,體態和體重起了變化,體重從原本的93降至63,腰圍也從41吋變成了31吋,與2018年相比,少了將近五十公斤。對我來說,今年是挑戰最多的一年,從原本的不想去做,再到自動自發的去學、去做,把不可能變成可能,或許「擇善固執」也是一種生活的態度吧!很樂意分享我的改變,歡迎想擇善固執的朋友們,來找我聊聊。

─ Author: Mr. Xu Yixuan