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Everwide Newsletter No.312

Experiment report§ Flame retardant SMC resin

Since the BMW i series of carbon fiber composite family cars came out in 2013, carbon fiber composites have increasingly appeared in family cars. The advent of fiber composite vehicles is to reduce the carbon emissions of automobiles, so they will be used in large quantities in public transportation, and there is also a demand for flame retardant. In the process of SMC production, the resin is first coated on release paper (Figure 1), and short fibers are laid (Figure 2). After the film is covered, rollers are rolled (Figure 3) so that the fibers can be rolled away ( Figure 4). In order to make the resin can fully wet the fiber, the viscosity of the resin will be controlled within a range, too high will not wet the fiber, too low, the resin will overflow in the process of rolling. After being allowed to stand and mature, it becomes an SMC composite material, which can be used to make finished products (Figure 5).

Everwide Chemical recently developed a two-component flame-retardant resin for SMC composite materials. This resin can pass the UL94V-0 standard for a 2mm thick test piece (Figure 6). After this formula is baked at 150℃/20 minutes, the Tg can reach 120℃, which meets the feasibility of demoulding at medium and high temperature. The resin has the best operating viscosity after being mixed, and it will not be too hard and difficult to handle after being used as a mature material. Compared with the previous SMC, it has better operability. Welcome to contact us if you are interested.
─ Author: Mr. Chen Chih-string
About Everwide § The boundless November of learning< /span>

The machine operation and disassembly teaching of the personnel in the manufacturing department (Figure 1), colleagues said: "It turns out that it was assembled and maintained in this way, it is really amazing!" We recorded and saved these explanations for future learning CDs. . The semi-annual comprehensive fire-fighting and poisoning exercises, sharing new knowledge and combining current affairs, are really beneficial (Figure 2). Raw material manufacturers visit the company to discuss various performance differences when the raw materials are used in our formulations, such as: breakdown voltage, surface and volume resistance... etc. We continue to perform, and learning is endless.

Knowledge exchange § Why is Silicone’s speed different in different seasons?

The reaction rate of moisture hardening products will vary with temperature and humidity. In summer, the weather is hot and there are often thunderstorms in the afternoon. At this time, the temperature and humidity are relatively high, so the reaction speed will be faster; in winter, the weather is cold and dry, and the temperature and humidity are low at this time, so the reaction rate is reduced. The change of speed is also related to the amount of catalyst in Silicone: in the environment of high temperature and humidity, the reaction speed is fast, and the amount of catalyst has no obvious influence on the speed; in the environment of low humidity, the reaction speed of the formula with more catalyst amount is obvious faster.

Bi-weekly strike § Fable story sharing

I have read three books recently, and my personal preference order is: 1. Who moved my cheese 2. Peaks and valleys 3. Gifts. What they have in common is that readers can use different angles to understand the facts when facing problems. "Who moved my cheese?" Describe that when the comfort zone disappears when the environment changes, different choices will get different results: the situation is not the problem, the thinking is the focus. "Peaks and valleys" deduces that good times and adversities can be changed according to the state of mind: "Peaks and lows are connected. The mistakes made in today's good times will cause tomorrow's adversity; the smart things done in adversity today will create tomorrow's good times." The book "Gifts" emphasizes that the best gift we get in life is to learn from the past and not to repeat mistakes, so that we can grasp the present and create the future. These three books are all works by Spencer Johnson, who is good at telling stories to get people inspired. For example: "Who moved my cheese?" In this book, cheese is the goal that people pursue, such as making big money, being a supervisor, being admitted to a good school... etc. The four protagonists in the story are two little mice sniffing, Kuaikua, and two little men hum, haha. They found the endless cheese in the maze and lived a comfortable life. One day, all the cheese was gone. Sniff and Hurry, the two little mice set out to find new cheese. The little man hummed and yelled, "Who moved my cheese!" He Haha began to chisel the wall, trying to find the person who moved the cheese. Halfway through, Haha thought it was meaningless to find the person who moved the cheese. After he mocked his behavior, he left Hem and started looking for new cheese. When we encounter things, we seldom can quickly recognize the situation and embark on an unknown journey like a little mouse sniffing and fast; if we are like little people haha, after reflecting and accepting changes, it is good to work hard again; the most regrettable He evades reality like hum and insists on finding someone responsible. These little books do not talk about great truths, but we often ignore them, forgetting these decisions will change our lives. These three books can be read easily, and I would be happy to recommend them to you!
─ Author: Miss Dai Zhujun

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