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Everwide Newsletter No.310

Experiment report § Coating technology introduction

There are many coating processing techniques, mainly dry and wet. In the process of processing, no liquid is dry, and the application range is small; when there is liquid, the application is wet. Common wet coating methods include dip coating, roller coating, and knife coating. The coating machine can be used to control the speed and area size (Figure 1); the thickness of the coating film is achieved through different wire rods (Figure 2). The wire rod is a stainless steel rod wound with stainless steel wire, and the groove on the stainless steel wire is used to control the thickness. The smaller the coil diameter, the thinner the coating thickness.

The coating products pursue smooth surface and uniform thickness, and the coating film produced by the coating machine has considerable reproducibility (Figure 3, 4). When the surface tension of the coating is higher than that of the substrate, defects such as shrinkage holes and edge shrinkage will occur after the coating is completed (Figure 5, 6). The reasons for the defects are related to the surface tension of the coating, the viscosity of the coating, the process method, the surface tension of the substrate and the cleaning of the substrate. Take the vibrating film formula used in small earphones as an example: in the development process, according to the resin formula and coating method, choose to add different leveling agents and wetting agents and other additives to reduce the surface tension of the coating, so that a smooth vibrating film can be obtained. Achieve good sound quality. Many experiments are required in the process, and there is no simple answer.
─ Author: Miss Dai Zhujun

About Everwide § Good things happen

Won the 6th Dun & Bradstreet SME Elite Award. To view all the winners, please click on the link , was also awarded to actively promote regional joint defense in the Douliu Industrial Zone (Figure 1). Thank you for your affirmation by the seniors from all walks of life. The IATF16949 external audit of quality management in the automotive industry has been completed this year (Figure 2). Since the certificate needs to be renewed after the three-year expiration date, the external audit schedule originally planned at the end of next year will be moved forward, and the pre-audit planning items will also be followed up, such as internal audits, management review meetings, etc., and pre-conceived can get twice the result with half the effort. Korean customers visited (Figure 3) to understand the manufacturing process and the environment was praised. Good things will happen, but it takes time to accumulate.

Knowledge exchange § How does humidity affect the reaction rate of MS resin?
In addition to the difference in the formulation of MS resin, which causes the reaction time, another important factor is the humidity in the environment, which will also make the reaction speed different. The higher the humidity, the faster the reaction speed of MS resin. MS resin will be cured first from the surface layer that is exposed to more water vapor. Because the cured film on the surface layer will greatly reduce the speed of water vapor penetrating to the bottom layer, the curing speed of the bottom layer will slow down, sometimes more than 1 week. Cured completely. Water vapor penetration affects the phenomenon of reaction, the more obvious the thicker the thickness.

Bi-weekly strike § To "Australia"

"Leaving is to come back and become a better self." A few years ago, I quit my job and went to work in Australia. My friends and relatives asked me, "Why do I want to go to Australia? I have never farmed in Taiwan. What is the point of going to Australia as a farmer?" That is the answer from the bottom of my heart. In reality, wages are higher than in Taiwan. In his days as a farmer, the place where he stayed the longest was the grape farm. From tying branches before harvesting to Gaibu after harvesting, they participated. There were many unforgettable memories during this period, especially the iced vines covered with frost before dawn, and the swarms of wild kangaroos that suddenly rushed to me. I was deeply impressed. After going down to the field, I experienced the hardships of a farmer, and I also felt respect for this profession, which made me cherish and appreciate food even more.

I tried many "firsts" in Australia: On the first night, I lived in a mixed-gender hostel with 8 people from Britain, France, the United States, Italy and New Zealand. Only I am a black-haired Asian, this is the real "Everyone speaks English"; the first time I went to work on the farm, I took the Van to go when it was dark. After getting off the bus, the endless squash fields made me never see Ruo Datian. I was amazed by the land; the first time the farm closed, my waist was so painful that I fell asleep when I went home; the first time I wore a sling and held the national flag in Sydney to New Year's Eve, and stayed on the grass until dawn. The blue-collar class in Australia is valued. The more sweat, the higher the salary, and there is no sense of discrimination. Life is a journey. Find the meaning of travel and understand your own direction. This is my "Australian student".
─ Author: Xu Xuan Yu

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