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Everwide Newsletter No.309

Experiment report § TritanTM Special light hardening adhesive

Many plastic containers in life are made of polycarbonate (Polycarbonate, PC). PC has the characteristics of light weight, transparency, impact resistance, and good processing. However, PC is synthesized from BPA, althoughthe residual BPA in the product is too small to be detected, and there is no problem of dissolution in cold water. Only extreme cases will be released in a small amount. The new trend is to look for alternatives and advertise BPA free. Eastman's plastic produced under the trade name Tritan is a new choice. It is a polyester polymer (Copolyester) produced by the copolymerization of different monomers. It does not contain BPA and has other properties that are quite similar to PC. The containers in Figure 1-4 were originally made mostly of PC, but now Tritan products are often available.
The cup body and legs in Figure 3, and the pot body and handle in Figure 4 are all bonded with light-hardening resin. The adhesives originally suitable for PC and PMMA do not work well on Tritan. Some cannot swell the surface, and some induce crystallization, and they cannot get good strength. We developed a special light-hardening adhesive JD943 based on the material properties of Tritan. Figure 5 shows a 2 liter kettle with a JD943 carrying a 3 kg weight, and there is no problem at 60°C/3 days +90°C/1hr. The theory of plastic bonding is fixed. Different materials need to choose different monomers, adopt different strategies, and even require different designs to match products. We are very interested in the following and welcome everyone to discuss new materials together.
─ Author: Mr. Chen in
About Everwide § Congratulations to Chengda Formula Racing Team< /strong>

The National Cheng Kung University Formula Racing Team visited the factory at the end of last year (newsletter No. 289). We sponsored resin for them to make car bodies. This year, they went to Japan to compete successfully, becoming the only electric car in Taiwan to pass the race test and the next race. So far, we have given resins to the racing teams of Tiger University of Science and Technology, South Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Cheng Kung University.

Knowledge exchange § Can the sealant made of MS resin be soaked in water for a long time?

Most MS resins have high water absorption. For more than a few days, the strength of long-term exposure to water may deteriorate, so it is not recommended; within a few hours, short-term soaking in water has limited impact on MS, and the water absorbed by the colloid will volatilize in the later dry environment. If the colloid is not in direct contact with water, such as the adhesion between workpieces, there is no concern. It is recommended to use RTV1 Silicone for sealing materials that have been exposed to water for a long time, because its water absorption rate is low. After the water absorption rate reaches saturation, the performance of the colloid tends to be stable.

Bi-weekly strike§ Do you have real wealth?

The book says: "In addition to material (money) wealth, a truly rich person is also indispensable for spiritual wealth (freedom of time, good interpersonal relationships, and a healthy body)." This is true. The life of big bosses is often reported in magazines. They often complain that they don't have time to spend time with their families, to practice their dreams, and even their health. Considering this and losing the other, there are shortcomings in life, this is really not rich. It is precisely because life can only be taken one time, so it is very important to take into account all these needs to achieve real wealth, especially "management": efficient work comes from careful planning beforehand; good interpersonal relationships take time Manage and build trust; a healthy body comes from good habits. Look! Self-management isn’t difficult, right? Especially health. According to a survey by the World Health Organization, only 5% of the world’s people are healthy. Most people are in a sub-healthy state: a critical state between health and disease. People’s mind or body is in chaos. There are no obvious pathological features. The sub-health state particularly needs your attention, because prevention is better than cure. Someone once compared health to an antique teacup, which is on the edge of the table. When the cup falls and breaks, you may ask the insurance clerk: "How much can I claim?" If the tea cup is replaced by a healthy one, you may ask the doctor: "Can such a situation be remedied? Will the cost be very expensive? In fact, everyone knows that as long as you gently push the cup inward a little bit, you can reduce the chance of it falling. This is the concept put forward by "preventive medicine". For me, the modern version of "self-cultivation, family harmony, country governance, and peace in the world" should first take care of your own health, and then take care of the relatives and friends around you, and finally achieve the goal of everyone's health. Is not it?
─ Author: Mr. Hayashi new

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