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Everwide Newsletter No.307

Experiment report § Epoxy resin toughening agent NF758

The basic composition of composite materials is divided into base material and reinforcing material (Biweekly Report No.50), but insufficient rigidity and poor toughness are often problems encountered in carbon fiber composite materials. These problems can be improved in several directions: (1) The choice of raw materials, using higher modulus, more tough carbon fiber as a reinforcing material. (2) Choose a carbon fiber prepreg with a lower FAW to increase the variability of stacking to improve rigidity and toughness. (3) Toughening materials are added to the resin formula to improve the strength between layers. Recently, Everwide Chemical has developed a toughening agent NF758 for prepreg resin, which was used in the three-point bending experiment (Biweekly Report No.148) , Adding 10%wt to the prepreg resin formulation, the bending strength, deformation, and impact strength have been significantly improved, and the failure mode between the layers in the impact test is also different.(Figure 1, the red arrow represents the direction of impact). For composites with poor interlayer toughness, after the resin is destroyed, the fibers are scattered one by one, and the impact strength is relatively poor, only 49 kg-cm (Figure 3, 4); adding NF758, the composite with good interlayer toughness, the resin can The stress is transmitted to the fiber, the fiber is broken under the force, and the impact strength is increased to 55 kg-cm (Figure 5, 6). The results of the experiment will vary depending on the composition. Welcome everyone to discuss with us.
─ Author: Mr. Hayashi new
About Everwide § Add new ventilation equipment< br />
In order to create a comfortable working environment, we continue to think about improvement measures: install panel fans in the shipping area, use air flow to replace the hot air around the skin with cold air, and reduce the body temperature. The thickness of the panel fan is flatter than that of a traditional horn fan, which does not take up space but has the same function (Figure 1, 2). In addition to letting the air flow, the temperature of the air itself is also an important point: we use two horn fans to relay the cooler air at the rear of the factory to make the production site feel like the temperature is lowered (Figure 3, 4). The roof is also a source of sultry heat. The original vortex device (left in Figure 5) is changed to a powerful exhaust fan (right in Figure 5), which can greatly improve the efficiency of air renewal. Environmental improvement cannot be achieved overnight, and perseverance will gradually see results.

Knowledge exchange § Advantages of MS resin compared with moisture-curing PUR

The curing method of moisture-curing PUR uses the functional group of isocyanate to react with water in the air to form a network structure. This reaction will release CO2, causing defects such as voids and foaming in the colloid, reducing the mechanical properties of the colloid. MS resin uses silane at the end and water in the air for hydrolysis, and then condenses to form a network structure. The raw materials do not have the toxicity of isocyanates, and the alcohol by-products released by the hydrolysis reaction will be compatible with MS resin, and there will be no trouble of foaming.

Bi-weekly strike § Love life and study 2

In the 13 essays "A taste in the world is a joy," Teacher Wei Wen proposed his vision for Taiwan: "Taiwan’s advantage lies in creating the most suitable place for Chinese people to live in, and it should be the pioneer of a better life style. And the innovator of the soft economy.” He also shared how he thought from various aspects, how to maintain happiness and maintain life satisfaction in a life of more suffering than pleasure? For example, at special moments such as birthdays, graduation ceremonies, coming-of-age ceremony, Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, etc., combine personal inner feelings with the outer environment to create your own life rituals, creating a sense of stairs like a journey of monuments. Forward. Or re-integrate with the living environment, admire the verdant green of the branches in the vibrant spring, feel the joy of the heavy rain in the hot and difficult summer afternoon, and feel the contradiction of the harvest in the yellow and bleak golden autumn. Feel the gentle warm sun in winter; slowly let the sun shine on the heart instead of on the body, and the stream passes through the body instead of passing by, establishing a rhythmic or seasonal pace of life, and devoting yourself to nature In the embrace, you will find that people really don't need much. In many cases, it is not the suffering of life, but the suffering of oneself; the attitude towards things often determines the color of life. Therefore, the famous Western prayer says "please give me peace and accept the things I can't change; please give me courage to change the things I can change. Please give me wisdom so that I can distinguish the difference between the two." Please stop complaining about others (that is something that cannot be changed), focus on your own growth (this is something that can be changed), see the world with a new perspective, rediscover the creative and passionate young man within yourself, and find life The ideal that can be dedicated. Such a life must be a rich feast, it is worth having a lot of trouble and having fun together, it is worthy of this life. Have you found an ideal to dedicate?
─ Author: Miss Luqing Mei

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