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Everwide Newsletter No.308

Experiment report § The relationship between moisture hardening resin strength and temperature strong>

The FS series sold by Everwide Chemical is a moisture-hardening material. The hardening method is to expose the colloid to a humid environment, and it does not require any curing equipment is the advantage of this material. Many customers ask: Can heating shorten the hardening time of the FS series? We use a simple experiment to find the answer. Coat FS1328BL on the PC test piece (Figure 1), scrape the resin flat (Figure 2), and then paste them in pairs to make a test piece of shear strength (Figure 3). Place the test piece in an oven at different temperatures (Figure 4), take it out at a specific time for testing, and all get agglomerated damaged surfaces (Figure 5). Comparing the shear strength after heating for 1 hour, 100°C is significantly higher than 80°C and 50°C (Figure 6). After heating at 100°C for 2 hours, the strength will increase significantly, but 50°C does not change much. There is still moisture in the high temperature environment, so the FS series can accelerate the reaction, obtain a better reaction rate, and obtain higher strength. Can the adhered object withstand high temperature? Will the alcohol produced by the condensation reaction vaporize and cause holes? It is something to pay attention to when baking at high temperature.
─ Author: Mr. Cheng Yuxiang
About Everwide § Different gifts

We invite bank personnel to the factory to promote financial management and investment. We know how to make money but we don't necessarily know how to save money or save money usefully. On the day of the event, the bank intimately prepared lunch boxes, so everyone was full and full of study. Learning in different fields stimulates different aspects of thinking, it is a rich feast. Giving gifts for three festivals is a tradition of Everwide, which means that I hope to help my colleagues a little fortune (Newsletter No.247). In previous years, we mostly purchased from general profit-making businesses. In recent years, in order to enrich the meaning of festive gifts, we have changed to public welfare organizations or local products. For example: last year we bought moon cakes from the Zhenshanmei Social Welfare Foundation, as well as the pesticide-free Jiaxing black rice and Datong soy sauce in Yunlin, and this year it is the Deaf Baking Workshop. The colleagues I received for the first time said: "It's a great thing to be able to participate in charity by receiving gifts!" "The place of origin is near my home!" Some colleagues' family members even said, "Your company is so loving!" We hope Encourage special individuals and local manufacturers who are emerging in the workplace. A simple gift is full of profound emotions and blessings. The sustainable cycle of society also depends on the favor of every consumer.

Knowledge exchange § Why does the viscosity of MS resin gradually increase?

The hardener of MS resin is water. After the resin is processed, there will still be a small amount of moisture, and the packaging material will still penetrate the moisture. These are the sources of moisture that cannot be completely removed by the MS resin. When the product is stored, these trace amounts of moisture will gradually react with the MS resin, causing the viscosity to slowly increase with time. Fortunately, after strict process control and proper packaging material selection, MS resin can have a reasonable service life and will not cause trouble to users.

Bi-weekly strike § Swimming across Sun Moon Lake

I once made a wish to accomplish the three things Taiwanese must do before the age of 50. After completing cycling around the island in March this year, the partners invited to swim across Sun Moon Lake in September at the celebration banquet. At that time, I couldn't breathe while swimming, I thought to myself: I'll just kick it with the buoy. As the days got closer and closer, a thought began to arise: "Can't I really swim there?" I asked a student from the Department of Physical Education of Normal University to be my daughter's tutor, and trained in the pool every day. On August 3, he learned the breastfeeding and took the first step of swimming across Sun Moon Lake.

In other words, a swimming pool with a 50-meter footstep and the unfathomable 3,300-meter Sun Moon Lake are two different things. I ask myself to go forward a few hundred meters every day, slowly catching the rhythm. It progressed to 1,700 meters in mid-August, but there has never been a record of more than 2,000 meters. The seniors said that they should not be overworked and that they should maintain their strength until the day of swimming. The goal of the last week is to eliminate the fear of not being able to step on the bottom, calmly retract and release the buoy, this is the last mile of swimming across Sun Moon Lake. I learned this movement for three days, and then I made sure that there were no mistakes.

The day of the crossing went smoothly, and was completed safely under the care of my partner. Plan to climb Yushan on September 25. If there is no typhoon disrupting the situation, the things Taiwanese must do will meet the standard. It is unimaginable at the beginning of the year and will be completed at the end of the year. It depends on continuous practice and overcomes difficulties when encountered. There is only once in life, a wonderful challenge, you can try if you have the opportunity.
─ Author: Miss Lin Miaoling

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