Address: 64069 No. 36, Dougong 6th Road, Douliu City, Yunlin County, 640 (Douliu Shiliu Industrial Park)

Fax: + 886-5-5574719

Welcome to Everwide Chemical Factory Tour
  • A Main Gate of Everwide 1st Factory(Dougong 6th Road)
  • B Everwide 1st Chemical Plant

    1st Floor is the management and business department
    2nd Floor The Old laboratory and dining area
    3rd Floor Staff Quarter

  • C Everwide Manufacturing Plant
  • D Everwide Second Chemical Plant

    1st Floor is the warehouse
    2nd Floor the packaging area, Raw material sample warehouse, and 4th R&D Laboratory
    3rd Floor 1st~3rd R&D Laboratory, Small Batch Production Laboratory, Quality Assurance, and Instrument room

  • E Main Entrance of Everwide 2nd Factory (Dougong 8th road)
  • F Everwide Company Garden
  • G Everwide Reserved Land
  • H Everwide 3rd Chemical Plant (Dougong 6th Road)

    1st Floor is the warehouse
    2nd and 3rd Floor are scheduled for small batch manufacturing plant
    4th floor is the staff dormitory

Where to get along

Yongkuan First Chemical Plant
The first floor is the management department and the business department. The second floor is the old laboratory and dining area. The third and fourth floors are the staff quarters.

  • 1F Management Department
  • 1F Business Department
  • 2F Old Lab
  • 2F dining area
  • 3F/4F staff dormitory

Yongkuan Chemical Manufacturing Department


Yongkuan Second Chemical Plant
On the first floor is a warehouse / on the second floor is a small batch packaging area and pharmaceutical center / there are a total of 1 R & D laboratories on the second and third floors / there is an instrument room and quality assurance department on the third floor.

  • 1F warehouse
  • 2F Drug Center
  • 2F R&D Lab
  • 3F Instrument Room
  • 3F Quality Assurance Department