• LEVEL1:LEVEL1:Quality is checked out by instrument (2003~)
    In the beginning, we guaranteed our quality with precision instruments. We believe precision instruments can confirm the good quality. For instance, we use FTIR(Fourier-Transform Infrared) spectroscopy to ensure the stable quality of each batch of products. Testing with instruments is an efficient way of quality control.
  • LEVEL2:Quality is monitored by QA (2003~)
    To achieve the assurance level, we will push forward the checkpoints. For example, in every production flow, like measuring, mixing, packaging, and delivery, we have dedicated QA to do real-time monitoring and records. At this stage, we make sure about the quality assurance
  • LEVEL3:Improving quality through effective training (2011~)
    Besides instrument and supervision, one of the most important is the quality awareness of the employee. We have a 5-minute morning meeting every morning. We also hire external consultants to promote related quality activities. These activities make us know more about quality.
  • LEVEL4:Quality requires systems to rationalize (2011~)
  • LEVEL5:Quality will be reflected in daily life (2012~)
    The key to quality improvement is from its people. People take the initiative to value quality only when they pursue work progress, professionalism, and dignity in their daily lives. We hope that quality is reflected in our daily life and we are such people, so naturally, we create good quality products.
  • System Certification (2003~)
    Quality Certification
    Environment Certification
    Working safety Certification
    Training Certification